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We have recently started stocking the excellent Mr Black coffee liqueur. Since the unfortunate hiatus in the supply of Sub 13’s long-standing coffee liqueur Toussaint, we have been on the look out for a suitable replacement for four years. And we think we have finally found it in Australia’s new Mr Black.

Bottle of Mr Black coffee liqueur and a wine glsss

The stunning Mr Black bottle shows the guys have an eye for design.

Australia is a nation of coffee lovers, and having given the world the flat white, they turned their attention to coffee liqueur. Not an area that has received much love from coffee connoisseurs over the years. The product was created by distiller Phillip Moore and designer Tom Baker in 2012, who aimed to combine their shared passion for coffee and booze, and immediately won gold at the London International Wine and Spirits competition.

Mr Black is hand made and “cold-pressed,” which means that the coffee is extracted at a much lower temperature than you would to make espresso. This creates a richer and more rounded flavour. The guys also use three different beans for the coffee base, from Brazil, Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. The coffee flavour is so good that no further flavours or colours are added to the liquor, something that sadly few other manufacturers can boast.

The flavour is amazing, it genuinely tastes like a cold coffee. The first time we tried it at Sub 13 everyone was blown away by the coffee aroma and flavour, it does have an edge of bitterness (like a real coffee) and a slight hint of orange and chocolate too. It has a great, unctuous texture and combines brilliantly in coffee cocktails or as additions to other drinks or served neat with other spirits.

espresso martini cocktails at Sub 13

Three espresso martinis

We use it all the time now for our espresso martini and for anything that requires a coffee liqueur. We add a teaspoon of sugar to our espresso martini now as well, because it is less sweet than our previous liqueur and so with the addition of fresh espresso you need a bit more sugar to balance, but it is always so much better when the bartender is responsible for how much sugar goes into the drinks, and it allows us to make a less sweet drink on request!