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Bar manager Tom Pople describes his entry to this year’s World Class cocktail competition, the Antipastini, available now at Sub 13! Over to you Tom:

This cocktail is my first attempt at a food serve in Sub 13, and coincides with my entry to a competition I have been closely involved with for several years. I got into the top 20 in the UK in 2012 and am very eager to place again this year!

The cocktail uses Ketel 1 vodka, and the genre set down by the competition rules is ‘Mediterranean Mastery’. I think Ketel 1 is a great product, and my favourite vodka to drink, especially in Martinis. Not only is this due to the high quality of the vodka, but an arguably unique buttery mouth feel and aftertaste. This set my mind towards a savoury dirty martini with a Spanish twist.

The drink itself is made with a healthy serving (60ml) of Ketel 1, a 10ml of my homemade olive brine mix using Nocerella olives (big fat Spanish olives that have a great smooth buttery taste), a few drops of homemade Mediterranean bitters (put in to give the taste level that you might expect from a Tapas restaurant’s house-marinaded olives) and a Mazanilla sherry glass rinse (to replace the vermouth in a martini, and gives it a great smell and slight salty edge).


Finally, the food serve. A very simple cocktail skewer to resemble an antipasti platter. It contains a Nocerella olive, Machego cheese, Iberico Ham, Sunkissed tomato and a small chunk of bruschetta bread, which is all then given a spritz of atomized olive oil. Each bite pairs perfectly with the martini, and makes the whole drink incredibly moreish. But, don’t drink it too fast, you’ll soon find a generous measure of Ketel 1 creeps up on you!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog and enjoy the cocktail more!