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Any time you visit Sub 13 you are liable to see one of Alex or Tim sipping away at a bottle of 10 Saints beer. But what is this mysterious beverage you may wonder?!

A nice cold 10 Saints waiting to be opened and enjoyed...!

A nice cold 10 Saints waiting to be opened and enjoyed…!

Well, we are lucky enough to have a close relationship with Bibendum wine, who also have their own agency that import beers and spirits from around the world. Hailing from sunny Barbados, 10 Saints is one of these products.

It is a uniquely delicious lager, owing its distinct flavour to ageing in old rum barrels. It is named after the ten Saintly parishes of Barbados and brings a great Caribbean edge to what is a very pure pilsner-style lager. In fact it meets the stringent German beer purity laws, and is the only beer from the Caribbean to do so!

Here is Glyn Partridge, who created 10 Saints and is the CEO of the brewery, telling the 10 Saints story:

The flavour is well-rounded with a richness form the oak and hints of vanilla. The oak flavour is most noticeable on the finish where a hint of spice is balanced by a nice crisp freshness. It is also extremely moreish, as Tim and Alex can vouch every Friday, Saturday, Thursday… You get the picture!