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We love all things gin here at Sub 13, and we’re also recognising that many people are looking for lighter cocktails and even (ahem!) non-alcoholic cocktails! One fantastic product that we have just listed as part of our new Gin Collection here at Sub 13 is called Seedilp and it is the World’s first non-alcoholic spirit.

Bottle seedlip garden 108

The amazingly presented (and delicious) Seedlip Garden 108

There are two varieties, the one we are using is called the Seedlip Garden, which with spring around the corner is a wonderful combination of country garden-inspired ingredients. Although the exact portfolio of botanicals is a secret, creator Ben Branson says they include pea, spearmint, rosemary, thyme, hay and hops.

The spirit itself is fantastically aromatic, with lovely fresh leafy flavours. It is great served long with bitter lemon or soda, but we’re also using it in non-alcoholic cocktails for those of us who are on the wagon, whether for health or automotive reasons!

But you can also use it to add a wonderful grassy edge to “proper “cocktails, in particular we recommend one of our new cocktails from the Sub 13 Gin Collection: The Allotment Gin, which uses East London Liquor Company #2 Gin as well as Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic with herbs, spices and fresh raspberry.

Allotment Gin cocktail at Sub 13

The Allotment Gin Cocktail at Sub 13

Allotment Garden
20ml Seedlip Garden 108
20ml East London Bath #2
75ml Fever Tree Mediterranen Tonic
4 fresh raspberries
5ml cardamom syrup
sprig fresh thyme

Build in a goblet