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We love a gin cocktail here at Sub 13, and this week’s cocktail of the week is a delicious, autumnal special that is really easy to make at home. Called a French sage it is based on the amazing Martin Miller’s premium gin.

Martin Miller's Gin and botanicals

Martin Miller’s gin is made with ultra pure Icelandic spring water and classic London Dry botanicals.

Miller’s is a fantastic gin made with pure Icelandic spring water, which when you consider that about 60% of most gins will be water it makes sense to use a really pure one. Icelandic water has been slowing filtering through the country’s volcanic bedrock over around 800 years or so, which makes it even purer than most commercial bottled water. This pure water is added to a classic London Dry palate of botanicals, juniper, coriander seed, liquorice, angelica, cassia and Floretine Iris. These are then blended with a second distillate using bitter orange, lemon and lime. The final product is balanced with a slight citrus nose and rich finish.

The cocktail also uses Fever Tree tonic, which is the only tonic water we would recommend using. Made with quality ingredients, there is no excuse to use anything else in your gin and tonic or, for that matter, in a gin cocktail like this one.

You will also need Chartreuse vert, and some homemade cardamom syrup. This is easily made by putting six to eight crushed cardamom seeds into a dry pan and toasting for 30 seconds, then adding 1 litre of water and bringing to the boil before stirring in 2kg of granulated sugar to make a syrup.

Gin cocktail French Sage

The French Sage, a delicious gin cocktail you can make at home

French Sage
40ml Martin Miller’s Gin
10ml Chartreuse vert
20ml cardamom syrup
10ml lime juice
30ml tonic water

Place all the ingredients into a large glass and churn with crushed ice. Garnish with a sprig of sage next to the straw for a lovely savoury aroma as you sip.